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26 Split Rock Cove is an artist’s retreat offering workshops in art making and writing, studio space, and a rental apartment for artists and writers looking for a peaceful, nurturing environment.
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Jun 28
Stab Bindings are one category in the formal Japanese book binding tradition.  They can be hard or soft covered books.  The bindings have traditional names like Kangxi, tortoise-shell, or hemp-leaf, but all are distinguished by a stitching pattern along the edge of the spine.  These bindings are a great way to create simple books or journals by adding the decorative element of stitching, and...
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I am so happy to have my friend and poetry mentor, Barbara Helfgott Hyett, return to 26 Split Rock Cove for a one-day workshop – A Poet’s Way: A day of immersion in the poetic process. I could write many accolades and reiterate her resume – instead I encourage those interested to visit her website
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Whether you are looking to rent a live/work space to begin a new project, complete a body of work, or to take classes at nearby schools, this idyllic apartment provides many amenities. You will have walking access to roam the rocky oceanfront of Mussel Ridge Channel. Local artists looking for permanent or semi-permanent working space will find these two studios to be spacious and inviting.
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